Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Sale



The resale value of a vehicle is based not just on its engine, brand, year, and model. Its condition also plays a major role in you getting a fair market price for your pre-owned MPV, 4x4, or classic car. After all, buyers want to know that they will be getting the most for their money. 
There are certain steps you can take to make your vehicle look as appealing as possible. Just be sure to do them before you even place the vehicle on the market or contact a dealer like us at South East MPV and 4x4 Centre

Clean your vehicle
A vehicle that is clean and pristine can attract more potential buyers. Before putting your vehicle up for sale, make sure it you has been given a deep clean both inside and out. Make sure to scrub the wheel wells and the door handles. Use an engine cleaner to remove the grease under the hood. Polish the windows and mirrors and wipe away the dashboard. Lastly, clear off the debris from the mats and vacuum the interior of the vehicle meticulously. If you don’t have time to wash your vehicle, hand it over to a professional detailer so they can get the job done.

Do some minor repairs
Generally, you don’t want to make any repairs that will cost you more than 10 percent of the car’s total value. However, making minor repairs would not make much of a difference in the price that you will get. Getting new brakes or replacing broken taillights are some of the things you can do. Apart from this, applying touch-up paint on minor scrapes can also help.

Prepare your paperwork
Buyers who are shopping for used SUVs will want to learn about the vehicle’s background. As such, it is vital to have the documentation readily available. This includes the title and if the vehicle was financed, a lien release paper. You should also bring any recent receipts and detailed records of oil changes and maintenance work as this can help increase the selling price.

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